How have Google Ads trends changed over the last 4 months of the war?

As the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, businesses shut down en masse. As a consequence, competition on the advertising market has sharply decreased:
☑️ the price per click dropped
☑️ the price per order decreased
☑️ the frequency of advertising impressions increased.

At the same time, user needs have changed dramatically:
☑️ demand for military-themed items (camouflage clothing, weapons, some travel equipment) increased
☑️ demand for basic necessities remained
☑️ demand for budget children’s goods increased

Topics related to tourism, leisure, entertainment and real estate were on the losing end. Today, in part, these businesses have started to work, but the volume is much smaller.

📈 We notice that each month we have more and more regular customers returning to us. The trends that were established in mid-February remain. But in general, Ukrainian business is coming back to the market.

✳️ If you are not sure whether to invest now in advertising and in general to restore the business, leave an application on the site – let’s analyze together 👩🏻💻🧑🏻💻👨

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