Site Development: Apocalypse. The Beginning

This is a charity project, a worldwide open-air exhibition of photographs taken in 2022 during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The concept of the exhibition was developed by Sergey Melnikoff, MFF. Mr. Sergey is known for his project “Gulag. With a Camera Through the Camps”, “People of Maidan” and “The Face of Humanity”. He is the founder of the “Soul of Ukraine” charitable foundation.

Tasks from the Client

  1. To create an interactive gallery, a complete digital copy of a physical one consisting of 90 photos
  2. Main language of the site is Ukrainian and five additional languages with hand translation
  3. Search by the number of the photo with its automatic opening
Palette, typography and appearance of the site

What we did

  • Created a site with a powerful design and flawless functionality.
  • The biggest challenge was the incredible amount of content.
  • You can count it up yourself: 90 photos multiplied by 6 languages equals more than 540 thoroughly worked out pages of the resource.
  • The site is adapted for mobile devices and optimized.
Mobile adaptation of the site

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