Letters of thanks


STEP Computer Academy in Mariupol cooperates with AI STUDIO for more than 3 years. We use the services of contextual advertising "Google Advertising". During this time, employees of AI STUDIO showed professionalism, analytical approach and efficiency in solving problems.

STEP Computer Academy in Mariupol recommends AI STUDIO as a professional and reliable partner.

I.N. Smaglii, Director of the STEP Computer Academy


PHOENIX LLC expresses gratitude to AI STUDIO company for successful cooperation in website development and promotion. Specialists have proven themselves as professionals in the field of development, design and attracting customers to the site with the help of advertising in Google.

We want to highlight the key qualities of the company during the period of cooperation, namely: compliance with deadlines, prompt feedback, fixed terms of the contract, as well as loyalty to the requirements and wishes of the client!

We recommend AI STUDIO as a reliable partner in website development, advertising on the Internet and web design.

Bolshak E.Y., General Director of Phoenix LLC


The official representative of the brand ZENET and SUPER PLUS TURBO in Ukraine recommends the company AI STUDIO as an expert in contextual advertising and advertising services Google.

We have been working together since 2019. The company carried out the filling and configuration of the services of Google My Business. Also launched Trade advertising campaigns, which subsequently led to hundreds of orders through the site.

At the time of the quarantine, the efficiency has not changed much and we continue to cooperate actively.

O.V. Efanova, Director


We have been working with AI STUDIO for almost a year. During this time the guys have proven to be a responsible, well-organized team. The work was accompanied by their initiative proposals, which were quickly put into practice. We can recommend this team of professionals to everybody who wants to run an online advertisement quickly and with a minimum budget.

Most of all we liked the responsiveness of the staff to our requests for changes in the work of advertising companies, easy and unobtrusive communication. They work for the result.

Inframe Company

OIL 710

OIL 710 has been working with AI STUDIO for a year now. The choice was not easy, there are many companies. Today with 100% confidence we can recommend AI STUDIO as an honest and decent company, as a reliable and professional partner. Due to the diligence and professionalism of AI STUDIO staff, our company started to grow rapidly.

We especially want to thank Olga, AI STUDIO employee. Thanks to her patience, courageous decisions and quick actions we have achieved great success.

O.A. Martynov, Head of OIL 710


Chayka Municipal Cultural Center expresses gratitude to the company Ai Studio for the successful cooperation on the development and promotion of the site. The specialists have proven themselves as professionals in the field of development and design.

Among the key qualities of the company during the period of cooperation we can highlight the following: compliance with deadlines, fast feedback, fixed terms under the contract, as well as loyalty to the requirements and wishes of the client! We recommend Ai Studio as a reliable partner in website development and web design.

N.L. Lozova, Director of the Chayka Municipal Culture Center


Administration of NPO "MTMO Child and Woman's Health" is grateful to the company Ai Studio for the successful cooperation in the development of the site of the medical institution.

Specialists of the company have established themselves as professionals in the field of website design.
Fulfillment of requirements and wishes of the client, quick feedback, quality of performance - the main features of the company's work.

We recommend Ai Studio as a reliable partner in the development of web site design.

N.V. Sidorenko, Director of the NPO "MTMO Child and Women's Health"


A-Industry LLC would like to thank AI STUDIO company for the development of the official website and work on its migration. The tasks set for the specialists were carried out qualitatively and in time.

An important stage in the work was the development of the design concept of our site. AI STUDIO designers offered several interesting variants, one of which we liked very much and it was approved. A special thanks to the company's experts for quick response to any of our requests for changes to the site during the whole cooperation!

We are satisfied with the result and recommend AI STUDIO as a responsible and attentive contractor.

Palilov I.Y., General Director of A-Industry LLC


Training and Research Institute of Business and Hospitality of Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mykhailo Tugan Baranovsky expresses gratitude to AI STUDIO for professionalism, efficiency and quality work. We are sincerely grateful for mutual understanding and patience as well as stable working relations.

Earlier we were recommended AI STUDIO as responsible programmers. We were approached with the task of increasing our presence on the Internet. We would like to note the effective work of the team, the speed of decision-making and the ability to respond quickly to circumstances. Organization of work on conducting and planning of advertising companies is carried out at a high professional level, with high quality and on time.

All the work was done in a timely manner with proper quality. According to the results of the work was launched banner advertising in social networks. We have been working together for more than a year. We are more than satisfied and pleased with the result.

Khavrova K., Director of the NNIBG DonNUET of Mihail Tugan-Baranovsky


VIVA sewing factory in Zaporozhye expresses its gratitude to the company Ai Studio for setting up and optimizing a Google Shopping advertising campaign.

During their work, which is since 2021, the specialists showed themselves to be responsible and professional in their approach to the promotion of the factory products: they tested different advertising strategies, connected Google Analytics to the site, set up conversion tracking and advertising campaign on a turnkey basis, as well as did the primary optimization. Managers were kind enough to advise us on technical questions we had.

We plan to continually cooperate with Ai Studio in the future on advertising on the Internet, and we hope it will be no less fruitful!

Mariupol city center for support and development of small and medium-sized businesses

At the initiative of Mariupol Small and Medium Business Development Center and the Charitable Foundation "Black on White", a team from Ai Studio designed a website for the Mariupol Charitable Foundation.

Thanks to this, the work of the charitable foundation, in particular the centers "I am Mariupol", which is already unfolding in four regions - Kiev, Vinnitsa, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye - is easily and timely covered by the website.

In developing the site, the team showed its best qualities: diligence, involvement, focus on results, and patriotism.

We recognize Ai Studio as our digital partner and plan to cooperate in the future.

Roman Amelyakin, Head of the Board

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