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Making your business BRAND


The character of your products in the eyes of customers


Company values and goals, corporate image - everything the company does, owns and produces


It exists only in the mind of the consumer. It is a feeling, an impression, an emotion, and a mood

The most important element of the brand — corporate identity

This is a unified set of graphic elements and rules for their use.

NO branding?

The main purpose of corporate identity - to distinguish the company among competitors and create a recognizable and attractive image in the eyes of consumers

stages of corporate identity development

STEP 1 - Free Specialist Consultation

You leave a request and our manager will contact you as soon as possible

STEP 2 - Maximum immersion in the project

Before we start work, we discuss with you issues specifically prepared for your business.

In this way we fully immerse ourselves in your business, better understand the needs of your customers and produce a relevant promotion strategy for your company in the market

STEP #3 - Preparation. Gathering and analyzing information

You fill out a brief, and our experts study the specifics of your company.
We conduct a comprehensive marketing analysis

STEP 4 - The company's development strategy

Depending on the current situation in your business we:

  • we work out a strategy for the development of your company
  • adjust the existing development strategy
  • start working on a corporate identity, based on the existing development strategy

STEP #5 - Corporate identity concept

Based on your company's development strategy we:

  • determine the key ideas for the creation of the company image
  • we create several options for the concept of corporate identity and positioning of your products or services

STEP #7 - Presentation and approval of the corporate identity concept

We present several different variants from each other:

  • sketches of the logo
  • the concept of corporate identity
  • application of corporate identity in various media

The most suitable variant is selected for the next stage of work

STEP #8 - Design a clean version of the corporate identity

  • final drawing of the chosen logo variant and corporate identity elements
  • selection of corporate fonts
  • selection of corporate colors

STEP #9 - Designing corporate identity media

According to the final version, we design different media corporate identity:

  • office printing
    (Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, contract templates)
  • print advertising
    (Booklets, brochures, postcards, calendars)
  • souvenirs
    (Pens, living room bags, flash drives)
  • outdoor advertising
    (Signs, billboards, banners, posters, etc.)
  • and other options for individual needs of your business.

STEP #10 - Formation and transmission of the GuideLine

Guidelines - guidelines for the application of corporate identity, contains the basic principles and rules for the use of corporate identity in various media. As a result, you get a presentation in PDF format and a set of source materials for further use.

What's the result?

A set of elements of corporate identity is developed depending on the objectives of your business

Oleksandr Iordanov

Head of Ai Studio

Logo and corporate identity

  • Style-forming idea
  • Construction of the sign and logo
  • Corporate block
  • Corporate colors
  • Corporate font set

  • Standards for the application of corporate identity

    Rules and recommendations for applying corporate symbols to various style media:

  • Business and internal documentation
  • Presentation materials
  • Souvenirs
  • Exhibition production
  • Corporate interior design
  • Outside and printed advertising

  • Cultivating potential

    The developed corporate identity allows you to place corporate symbols on any objects, on any scale.

    As well as to create a line of new products and services, while maintaining brand recognition.

    AI Studio

    Market research

    - its volume and potential capacity, trends and specification of development

    Target audience research

    - Its needs factors influence decision making thoughts about your company's product competitors

    Identification of the main competitors

    - Their key strengths and weaknesses

    Foreign market overview

    - analysis of the development of similar projects in the Western market allows you to create a detailed strategy for your company, to use successful foreign solutions and avoid the possibility of mistakes


    - practical recommendations for the development and positioning of your company, as well as for the promotion of your products. The set vector of company development directly affects the creation of corporate identity

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Creating a corporate identity is necessary to help consumers quickly and easily recognize and remember the brand in the increasing information noise and high competition

    According to the principle of “from simple to complex” development of corporate identity is divided into several stages:

    • description of the company’s mission, its competitive advantages
    • development of basic elements and the company logo
    • development of documentation and sales scripts
    • development of company’s website and advertising materials
      № 1 – definition of strategy and concept
      №2 – bold idea
      №3 – visual solution
      №4 – logo development
      №5 – development of corporate identity elements
      №6 – brandbook
      №7 – patent protection

    The company logo and corporate identity is the first thing your customers see when they look at your advertisement or website, take a business card in their hand to call or an envelope arrives in the mail.

    Corporate colors, symbols and even a certain font are the criteria by which your company will be recognized and evaluated by partners and clients. That’s why corporate identity and logo are so important for the company

    Modern corporate identity in the life of the company performs the following important functions:

    • image formation and maintenance of a quickly recognizable original and attractive image of the company
    • contributes to its prestige and reputation. The positive perception of the company by the target audience is transferred to its products.

    Identification of corporate identity contributes to the identification of goods and advertising, indicates their connection with the company and their common origin

    Corporate identity is needed to form a memorable image of the company, the image of its products or services. It is important to understand the fact that corporate identity is needed not just for beauty and solidity, it represents the image of the company, and therefore on how well it will be developed, depends on the trust of customers.

    The main feature of corporate identity development is to interest the potential consumers of your products or services and be remembered by them. A properly designed corporate identity will make your company’s products recognizable and its advertising memorable. If you are going to enter new markets or promote new goods, you should pay special attention to corporate identity.

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