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A professional website boosts sales. Approximately 70% of consumers are more likely to buy products from companies that have a website.

Increase the flow of leads

You can receive from 5 to 80 applications

Optimize running costs

You can reduce costs by at least 20%

Get more relevant customers

The cost of a lead ranges from $3 to $63, depending on the subject

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We do not just create sites, we solve the business problems of the client

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Modern Barber Shop from Mariupol.


Create a landing page. Increase the number of applications and referrals from the site with the help of advertising in Google.



targeted actions


hits to the site


site conversion


The company sells auto parts and components in Ukraine.


Develop a Landing Page and increase the number of orders and applications through the site with the help of advertising in the Google search engine.



targeted actions

1 300

hits to the site


site conversion


Calculation of profitability and filling out the brief

The operator will contact you or we will invite you to a meeting at which:

  • you will tell about your business and the tasks you set for the agency;
  • on the basis of data on 507 completed projects we will give a detailed forecast of the number and cost of incoming requests;
  • we will choose the most effective strategy for promotion;
  • show successful cases from your or related subjects;
  • define KPI, upon achievement of which we will receive a commission;
  • determine the timing and cost of the work.

Preparation of the contract and drawing up the structure of the site (2-5 days)

Based on the results of the first meeting:

  • we will map the potential customers, identify the key benefits of your offer and the objections that arise in the purchase of the product;
  • agree on the stages and timing of work on the project;
  • define the format of requests and calls to the CRM system;
  • prepare and approve the contract;
  • run the business process in the CRM system with clear timelines.

Prototyping and copywriting (7-14 days)

  • specialist in the development of landing pages will prepare a draft landing page with a clear structure and well thought-out texts;
  • determine the audience and keywords for which advertising will be shown;
  • the project is transferred to the designer only after the approval of all the texts and the location of key blocks.

Design approval and layout (7 - 14 days)

  • we will prepare a landing page design based on competitive analysis and the interests of your audience;
  • you will approve and make a list of necessary edits;
  • a layout specialist will prepare a prototype for posting online;
  • we'll connect the Google Analytics counters.

Advertising setup (7-10 days)

  • the advertising specialist will prepare a detailed semantic kernel, a list of sites and audiences for advertising;
  • texts and creatives will be loaded into the system only after your approval.

Test period and A/B testing (14-30 days)

  • we will launch campaigns in contextual advertising and social networks and will systematically increase the number of applications to achieve the set KPIs;
  • if something does not go according to plan, we will develop and conduct split testing of the landing page to achieve the desired result.

Further optimization

Once KPIs are achieved, your project will be transferred to the contextual advertising department:

  • you will receive twice a month reports on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign: the cost of requests, comparison with competitors, progress report;
  • after the end of the test period, we will agree on a plan to further increase traffic to your project;

Evaluating the work of an advertising specialist

Ai Studio keeps monthly statistics on the work of specialists on 8 parameters:

  • achievement of KPIs set by clients;
  • the number of new/returned clients;
  • speed of response to assigned tasks;
  • the speed and quality of responses to client emails;

Specialists themselves are interested in optimizing campaigns, as their salary depends on it.

What is the bid price and number of bids in your theme?

Get a free consultation with a marketing specialist

Find out the cost and terms of development of the SITE

Get an offer



Agency specialists are certified specialists of Google Adwords, which guarantees the quality of our work and the result.


Availability of a large number of cases in any field allows you to more quickly and accurately achieve your goals and implement your project


Accurate targeting of your target audience through in-depth segmentation and targeted ad targeting.


Increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through in-depth analytics. Optimization of advertising campaigns based on analytical data.


The study and creation of a portrait of the target audience makes it possible to save on advertising budgets and hit the exact target.

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We will help you create a stylish website that will attract the attention of customers and encourage them to interact with your company online.
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